Enfonie MX10 TV BOX Android 8.1 Firmware (ROM) and User Manual

KaiSing Yeh

The firmware for the MX10 TV box ( RK3288, 4G RAM 32GB ROM), product link please refer to the following link: 
For any reasons or OS errors and you need to re-burn the system, please read the following user manual carefully before you start.
What you need before to start:
a) The MX10 TV Box on hand. b) Windows PC c) USB to USB cable.
Step 1: Download the firmware and ROM Burning Tools on the link:
Step 2: Unzip files and find the file name: DriverAssitant_v4.5, click and install the driver on the Windows PC.
Step 3: Unzip the file FactoryTool_v1.6, and click to run the exe. file.
You can switch language on the right corner button.
Step 4: Select firmware file: mx10 32bit_d32_8.1_8189-6051_20180515_r2 , and wait for about 3 seconds, then click 'Run' button.
Step 5: Don't connect the power cord to TV box, Then use a mini stick to hold on the reset button ( ensconced in the AV port); Then use an USB to USB cable to connect the TV box ( ONLY the USB-4 port works) to Windows PC, Once connected, The Factory tool will auto download the firmware to the TV box and there are process indicator appear on the Factory tool. When it starts, you can release the reset button and wait for the process complete.
Once firmware update completed, plug the power cord and restart the TV box.
Install Kodi on the MX10 TV Box:  click the "calculator' App and input " π318 ''

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